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NEW RELEASE!-"B'Yeshiva Sheli"

B'Yeshiva Sheli is a contemporary anthem of hope in uncertain times.While things are not exactly as we would like them to be, (Rosh HaShana) B'Yeshiva Sheli celebrates our ability to begin our year by connecting with HaShem,in our own Yeshiva, in the place that we find ourselves most ״מיושב״ (settled).

May we all be זוכה to a כתיבה וחתימה טובה!

-Zevi Kaufman

Yerushalayim Elul 5780

A CedarStudios Production

Lyrics & Melody Composed: Zevi Kaufman @

Produced,Arranged,Mixed & Mastered: Jack Shore @

Vocals Recorded @ CedarStudios

Ohhs by Yaakov Mayan

Artwork & Marketing by CedarMedia

Special Thanks:

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Senter shlit"a

Shloime Kaufman

Yossi Zweig

Yehuda Levi

Avi Zellinger

Tzvi Gross

J101-Ohr Somayach

My dear friends & directors of "the sounding board"

A CedarStudios Production

"B'Yeshiva Sheli"

Lyrics & Melody Composed: Zevi Kaufman @zevikaufmanofficial

Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered: Jack Shore @jack_shore_music

Vocals Recorded @CedarStudios - Jerusalem | NYC

Ohhs by Yaakov Mayan

Photography: Yonatan Hanig-Jewtography

Lyric Video- Yehuda Levi- @Zuki_Media

Artwork & Marketing by CedarMedia


במקום רינה שם תהא תפילה ובזה המקום השראת השכינה ראש השנה בישיבה שלי עולה על הכל ראש השנה בישיבה שלי זה תיקון הכל

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