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"A New Page" - Written at The Siyum - Daf Yomi Reflections...

A celebration of eternity

We live by each page

Not only our history

But applied anew in each age

Although confiscated and stigmad

Even burned at stake

Our page of Gemara

We'd never forsake

Our lifeblood our IV

The connection we treasure

We'll never let go

Well hold onto forever

In the stormy seas of our day

The Daf keeps us afloat

Illuminating our vision

Paving our road

The Torahs eternal wisdom

Ensconced within words

Allows our souls to take flight

So much higher than birds

With Seeds of Blessings we begin

With Holidays coming soon

Then we learn all the laws

Pertaining to every Bride and Groom

Damages we learn to avoid

Becoming an example

Moving on to an exposition

Of our service in the Temple

As we end then circle back

We learn what it means to be Pure

Yes the Talmud gives the Jew

His power to endure

Learn it every day

Learn it every night

For every word is a treasure

Illuminating our sight

Don't dare be discouraged

If at first it's not understood

A great journey from small steps

Don't let the perfect spoil the good

We treasure our connection

As links in our Mesora

Ki Heim Chayeinu

As we live and die by our Torah

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