About Zevi

Zevi started singing at a young age and has loved singing and music as long as he can remember. A native of NY, as a teenager, Zevi began composing his own songs and began recording demos in his parents basement. 

Many of those demos morphed into the first album of his original compositions Music, Language of My Soul in 2010 , released soon after graduating High School, while learning in Yeshiva in Jerusalem. The result of years of working on vocal technique, songwriting, recording and production, (and of course thanks to large doses of Siyata Dishmaya), he has recently re-emerged on the Jewish Music scene with the chart topping hits ASHIRA and KI TOV HASHEM.

Zevi has trained under some of the greatest vocal coaches and has sung in many popular  venues in the USA , Canada, Israel and Europe. He sings with a passion that becomes palpable and endeavors to impart meaningful messages through his compositions. His songs are performed at weddings and featured in concert across the globe.

Zevi and his family live in Yerushalayim where he learns and teaches. Between S'darim, Zevi works on composing music and is known to synthesize various approaches of Torah learning with a musical flair. He appreciates music made with the objective of enhancing one's Avodas HaShem and aims to produce music accordingly.  


He is currently at work on his first sefer on the topic of Music in Halacha & Hashkafa, as well as his second studio album. 

© 2019 Zevi Kaufman 

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